Small Business & Entrepreneurs

You can receive calls from customers even when you are on the move by routing calls to a land-line or a mobile number.

Medium to Big Business

With state-based call routing, you can consolidate calls from different states to be routed to specific answer-points.

Control Feature

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V Telecom provides Australian business phone numbers

At V Telecom, our number one aim is to help people remember you. We offer a great range of phone services that are sure to make running your business easier and simpler – who doesn’t want that?

With over 75% of Australian businesses using 1300 numbers, it can really pay to make the switch as well. We offer these numbers to Australian businesses, and they are a great way to evoke a more professional image as well manage your calls more efficiently. These business phone numbers work Australia wide, so potential customers can reach you from anywhere in the country.

We also offer 1800 numbers, which are essentially Australian toll free numbers. This means that for a low fee paid by you, customers can reach your business free of charge. This ultimately leads to more calls, as people love not being charged. With just one toll free number needed, you will be hard to forget.

Our 13 numbers function in the same way as 1300 numbers, however being shorter makes them easier to recall. For all three of these number types, we offer a phone word feature that means the additional numbers are replaced by letters to form the name of your business.

Alongside these business phone numbers, we also offer a live answering service to make life easier for businesses. This means that you will never miss a call again, as our well-trained staff can answer your calls at all times, re-routing enquiries and messages to your fax, email or mobile so that you can attend to them when you have time. If you are looking to activate speech recognition for your incoming calls, we can also help you out with this. To find out more about our services, feel free to contact us today with all of your business phone number needs!