We offer the cheapest 1300 numbers Australia wide

Do you want to improve the image of your business, as well as better manage your phone calls? 1300 phone numbers are a great way to give your business a more professional image and manage inbound phone calls seamlessly with our multi-dimensional applications. At V Telecom, our Australian 1300 numbers and phone call solutions will make your business life easier and more successful.

  • Effective Marketing: 1300 services are powerful communication and marketing tools. Turn your telephone number into a powerful marketing tool. It is more economical and simple to market and advertise one single number that is same across the country.
  • Sell More: The easier it is for your customers to reach you from any part of the country, the more you can sell.
  • Create a corporate identity: 1300 numbers are a cost-effective way to project a big, professional image for your small to medium business. Toll free numbers lend immediate credibility to your business and put you in a “bigger playing field.”
  • Routing Feature: Calls to 1300 numbers can be re-routed to your Landline or Mobile Number
  • Privacy: No matter where you live, 1300 number allows you to do business from any location and maintain the privacy of your personal home, mobile, and office phone numbers.
  • Build Customer Satisfaction: Customers are more likely to be satisfied if they get information, complaint resolution, reservation, and sales help on a single number, without paying for their time on the phone.
  • Choose from our Available List of Phonewords and premium numbers
  • Port in your existing 1300 number to avail our premium services
  • Purchase a number from the Government auction site, www.smartnumbers.com.au
  • Connect your 1300 services within 3 to 5 business days
  • You can transfer your 1300 service to any Australian Carrier by obtaining the following information in completing the Transfer process
  • 1) Your Existing Carrier Name
  • 2) Your Wholesale Account Number
Benefits include:

  • Receive a minimum of 15 minutes free on all calls to your 1300 number terminating/rer-routed to a Landline number
  • Never miss a call: manage call distribution and improve call handling with Call Routing features
  • No need to change phone numbers if your business is moving: the 1300 number helps you to establish a consistent profile for your business regardless of location changes
  • Tailored pricing for various business sizes
1300 Number 1800 Number
The Caller A fixed toll, usually 25c, if calling from a landline. FREE call if calling from a landline.
The Owner 15 Minutes free talk time IF the caller is local & both parties are on landlines. No Free time, all calls charged from the time the call is answered.

With over 75% of businesses using a 1300 phone number, you are missing out if you do not have one. These numbers become more than just a contact point; they can act as a powerful marketing tool – especially when they are combined with our phone words feature as this allows for far easier recollection. In addition, if you buy a 1300 number you will be able to have it re-routed to any landline or mobile so that you can answer it where ever you may be. They come at the cost of a local call, meaning potential customers will not put off calling due to high charges. If you simply do not have time to answer your own calls, take a look at our live answering service as this can be coupled with any of our available 1300 numbers.

This means that our friendly team will take the calls for you, notifying you of enquiries and messages via fax or email so that you can deal with them when time permits. This service is great for small businesses that perhaps don’t have resources to hire individual reception staff.

Call V Telecom today and make your business accessible from all parts of the country today by getting a 1300 number that works Australia wide. We will help people to remember you!

What is the difference between copper wire technology and VOIP?

The main difference is the mode of transmission of between a calling point and an answering point.

In copper wire technology, calls are relayed using dedicated copper wire lines which ensure a point-to-
point reliability. In VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), also known as Internet Telephony, the mode of
conveying the call is achieved by converting the analogue sound signals from the caller to digital and
conveying them over the internet and rec-converting them back on the receiving end into sound.

Though generally the difference between VOIP and copper wire is not noticeable, there can be a
disparity in the quality of the service. Though copper wire technology is more expensive, it is also
generally considered more reliable than VOIP and prevents call-drops and time-delay in relaying signals
which are usually associated with VOIP.