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1300 Numbers

1300 numbers
  • Free 100 Minutes
  • 1300 Number Included
  • Mobile to Landline @ 6c
  • Landline to Mobile @ 17c
  • 24 Months Contract

Unlimited Landline

Unlimited Landline
  • Unlimited Local Calls
  • Unlimited Mobile Calls
  • Unlimited National Calls
  • 24 Months Contract
  • No Flag Fall

Unlimited ADSL2+ Bundle

Unlimited ADSL2+ Bundle
  • ADSL2+ & Landline
  • Unlimited Data
  • Up to 20mbps D/L
  • Unlimited Local Calls
  • No Flag Fall

Ultimate Aim of vTelecom - "Affordable Telecommunications"

At VTelecom, our number one aim is to provide affordable telecommunications in Australia.

We offer a great range of phone services that would make running your business easier and simpler – who doesn’t want that?

With over 75% of Australian businesses using 1300 numbers, it can really pay to make the switch. We offer these numbers to Australian businesses and they are a great way to evoke a more professional image as well as manage your calls more efficiently. These business phone numbers work Australia wide, so potential customers can reach you from anywhere in the country.

We also offer 1800 numbers, which are essentially Toll Free numbers in Australia. This means that you pay a low fee for your customers to reach your business free of charge. This ultimately leads to an increase in calls. This increases memorability and response rates to advertising.

Our 13 numbers function in the same way as 1300 numbers, however being shorter makes them easier to recall. For all three of these number types, we offer a phone word feature wherein the additional numbers are replaced by letters to form the name of your business, product or brand.

Alongside these business phone numbers, we also offer services of Call Routing, Live Answering and Speech Recognition. This means that you will never miss a call again, as our well-trained staff can answer your calls at all times, re-route inquiries and messages to your fax, email or mobile so that you can attend them at your own time.

VTelecom also provides ADSL 2+ Broadband, BYO Mobile Plans, Landlines and Great Bundle Plans to make your Commercial and Residential lives easier.

To find out more about our services, contact us today and vTelecom will sort you out.

vTelecom Provides 1800 Numbers – "A Branding Tactic!"

Use your contact numbers as a Branding Tool!

As business owners, we all know that even after achieving the success for years and years in this competitive world of business one thing would be constant i.e. ‘Branding for your business’.

Yes, one could say that if a brand already has a popular or a strong image in the market, then it would require lesser efforts for branding or promotions, but the fact is that even after having a strong image in the market, you have to do brand promotions to sustain that position for a longer period of time in this competitive world.

There are several tactics to do brand promotions for your business in order to increase SALES, such as-

  • You should opt for TV ads by hiring a celebrity for that, as they are popular.
  • You should opt for online advertisements as nowadays people are exploring the online world more.

But at VTelecom, we would suggest that having a medium or tactic which can enhance the level of satisfaction of your customer or clientele in your products or services, is a good idea, without being worried about the fact that you are a newcomer or a veteran in the business industry, as we all know that any business can survive as long as the customers or clients have believe in their products or services.

One smart tactic is having the toll free numbers, such as 1800 numbers in Australia, which are so popular as far as Australian business owners are concerned.

The benefits that it gives you as a business owner are-

  • More Customer or Client interaction as they don’t need to pay anything for the call.
  • More Calls create a bigger database of Customers or Clients.
  • Cheaper or less expensive way of branding as you can include the name of your brand in the 1800 number.
  • Enhanced level of customer satisfaction as they would believe that your products and services are authentic.
  • Easy to remember for Customers.
  • It gives you the routing feature by which you can route your 1800 number’s calls to any other number that you want.

So, it is feasible to have affordable and cheap 1800 numbers for the brand promotion of your business.

Being one of the trusted Australian 1800 number providers, VTelecom offers you 1800 phone words along with several other services as a part of your brand promotion tactics.

1300 Numbers - "A Better Option For Both Caller And Receiver!"

1300 number is the only inbound number in Australia which provides better results for both Callers (i.e. Customers) and Receivers (i.e. Number Owner Company). Do you want to know HOW? , then just scroll below

Benefits for the Business Owners -

Are you new to the business world and looking to establish a reputed place in the market via some affordable tools, then 1300 numbers is the best communication tool that you can have.

As we all know that in the initial days of a business, every business owner looks for few marketing tactics that wouldn’t cost him/her more. So the techniques which can be good for a well-known & reputed company won’t be that much useful for a newcomer in the business industry considering that expense could be a factor there.

1300 numbers provide a greater flexibility for your business and give a more specialized image to it as it’ll give you a good prospect to grow your business with a bigger client base. As almost all customers or clients give more preference to a vendor which showcases a professional number rather than a local number for his/her business.

VTelecom brings affordable 1300 numbers in Australia as these inbound numbers are more trustworthy in comparison to a local landline number. These 1300 numbers have some useful characteristics, such as –

  • It can be used as an EFFECTIVE MARKETING tool.
  • It brings MORE SALES as it will be easier for the customers to reach you.
  • It creates a CORPORATE IDENTITY.
  • It comes with ROUTING FEATURES.
  • It brings MORE PRIVACY to your business, as it allows you do business from anywhere in the country.
  • It will help you build CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Benefits for the Customers -

If we take it in the perspective of customers, then 1300 numbers in Australia can produce the following benefits to them as –

  • Customers can make calls on 1300 numbers at LOCAL CALL RATES from any landline number anywhere in Australia.
  • Due to availability of the routing feature, almost all calls can be ANSWERED by the company.
  • It showcases the LEVEL of the company.
  • These 1300 numbers are EASY TO REMEMBER.

So hurry up, don’t waste your time!

Buy a 1300 number form vTelecom and create a more professional image of your company.

13 Numbers - "Much Easier And Simpler!"

By adding a 13 number to your business, you can make it much easier for your customers to remember as these 13 numbers consist of only 6 digits in whole. So it can be a much simpler way to maintain the corporate image by having such virtual inbound numbers, which can also be helpful in generating the new database of the customers or clients.

13 number’s services are one of those inbound numbers which are so popular among the business owners in Australia and following are the reasons behind its popularity-

  • Easy to remember

Unlike 10 digit numbers of 1300 or 1800 number system, the 13 number system has only 6 digits, which makes them easier to remember for your clients or customers.

  • National recognition and presence

In Australia, 13 Numbers are so popular because they reflect the national presence of the brand or of the company. These 13 numbers can be dialed from anywhere in the country.

  • Symbolizes the Corporate image of the business

These 13 numbers portray a corporate image of the business, as these numbers are being used by various big brands in Australia so that their customers or clients can call them with ease.

  • Less expensive for the Customers

13 numbers are less expensive for the customers as they can contact the company at cost of local calls in Australia.

  • Generates more calls

As the customers are charged almost nothing (i.e. local call rates), then it could indirectly generate more calls for the company’ database or leads.

  • Routing Feature

13 numbers can be routed according to the state, the caller and the time of the call. Hence business owners will not miss any of their inbound calls from their customers or clients.

The key point which makes 13 numbers slightly different from other inbound numbers like 1300 and 1800 numbers is that they attract an additional government service charge to be paid by the owner of the number.

So if you think that 13 numbers can be beneficial for you then contact us because we at vTelecom are popular as one of the trusted Australian 13 number providers that provides affordable and the cheapest 13 number in Australia.

"Unlimited Broadband & Landline Bundles" For Home & Business

In this technologically competitive market, where almost everyone is connected to phones & internet, vTelecom makes it easy for the Aussies to find affordable broadband and landline plans.

Since almost all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are offering unlimited bundle plans which include internet data and calls, most of the time users tend to get confused in picking the right one.

So we, being one of the most trusted internet service providers in Australia, want customers to understand the nitty gritty before selecting any plan-

  • What is unlimited bundle plan?

The Unlimited Bundle plan is where you can enjoy limitless landline calls along with unlimited internet access.

VTelecom provides you the convenience to stay in touch by having access to high speed internet i.e. ADSL2+ connection quality along with limitless landline plans as given in our fair use policy.

  • Why there is a need for an unlimited bundle plan?

With high data consuming video streaming and online gaming along with calls, the need for unlimited bundle plans have been highlighted.

Over a period of time, especially in the last few years, the number of internet users has increased quite rapidly. VTelecom is offering high speed broadband connection of up to 25 Mbps download speed along with limitless landline calls.

  • What are the important constraints of an unlimited bundle plan?

As there are many Internet service providers (ISP) which are offering attractive plans to attract customers, it is quite essential to recognize the basic yet important constraints of an unlimited bundle plan.

Some of the main check points for it could be the upload and download Speed, Call Region, Plan contract and the plan amount.

So, now don’t get confused and select the unlimited bundle plan that suits you the best.

Enjoy The "High Speed ADSL 2+ Internet" With vTelecom

With the requirement of highly data – intensive online work, the emergence of high speed internet service facility is also there in this rapidly evolving world of technology.

In Australia, we are very proud to call ourselves one of the fastest emerging telecom companies, offering affordable telecom services like high speed ADSL2+ broadband connections.

In today’s online savvy scenario, it will be really difficult to find a computer without an internet connection to it. There are various forms of the internet connectivity like dial up, broadband etc.

If we categorize the subscriber lines of the internet connectivity in terms of speed, then mainly two sections will be there, one which comes under the ADSL (i.e. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) and the second one will be the high speed ADSL 2+.

In current standards of technology, the high speed internet subscriber lines such as ADSL 2+ are getting more attraction of the internet users due to the features and services that it provide.

VTelecom provides ADSL 2+ broadband internet plans which consist of the highest standard of  internet connectivity and give services like higher access speed of up to 20mbps* so the users can download and upload large files more quickly.

The extremely data intensive features of IPTV can also be enjoyed by this technology of ADSL 2+ without any interruptions. If we talk about more technical specifications of the ADSL 2+, then it comes with following characteristics –

  • Better rate of data adaption
  • Enhanced level of noise resistance
  • Higher Bandwidth
  • Low level of contention
  • Double in the number of downstream channels

And much more …

As so much is there on the offering from the ADSL 2+ broadband connections, if you are planning to upgrade your internet access standards, then just contact VTelecom which showcases affordable ADSL2+ broadband for both business and home as per your geographic locations and zones in Australia.

* Speed varies depending on the geographical area. Here download speed is included only. Upload speed is up to 1MBPS.

"Bring Your Own (BYO) Mobile Plan" With vTelecom

With the passing of time, technology is evolving into something unique and exciting in the world of mobile phones, as the number of mobile users is increasing like never before.

VTelecom offers the simplest yet attractive BYO mobile plan, which brings the exact convenience that you were looking for till now.

Basically, selection of mobile plans varies from user to user as their requirements and conditions could be different in accordance with the geographic locations, time, age and occupation.

As per current market culture, there are several categories in which mobile plans have been categorized, such as

  • Capped Mobile Plans

These plans are beneficial for those users who need a relatively high amount of calls as per the fixed prices. Mainly these capped plans consist of fixed priced included calls.

The major point which needs to be checked with the capped plans is that the charges per minute are relatively high and along with this the other usages (i.e. SMS, MMS, Voice mails etc.) are commonly not included in it, so this could be a case where you might end up with a bill much larger than your expectations.

  • Contract Mobile Plans

These could be really advantageous for those sorts of people who are looking for a longer time period of connections and who is ready to pay pre-determined plan rate for the lower rate inclusions.

Actually, these Contract mobile plans come with a Free* mobile handset, (here availability of free mobile handset may vary according to the contract time period like 12 months or 24 months). These plans have a minimum rate like for example a plan of $40. One of the most common factors with these plans is that the Call Rates varies significantly according to the plan. Generally the call rates will be lower if the plan is bigger in terms ofthe amount or in the contract period.

  • BYO Mobile Plans

BYO (i.e. Bring Your Own) mobile plans are generally the simplest plan if we comparatively check all of these three mobile plans. They come with no contract policy which fully depends on the user.

Here as a user, you do not need to make any commitment for the minimum monthly spending. You have to neither worry about the capping or getting any flagged charges for the mobile handset. Here you just have to pay for the calls that that you make at fixed and flat rates. This specially can be beneficial for those who want the plan for a short span of time. It can be also useful for kids, so that parents can monitor and keep track of their usage.

What are you waiting for, select a plan that suits you the best!

At VTelecom, we believe that “There is no life without freedom”, hence we offer you the No Contract Mobile Plan in VTelecom Mobile.